Maher, A. (Ed.) (2015). Explorations in Practical Theology: Bridging the Divide Between Faith, Theology and Life. Hindmarsh, SA: ATF Press.

“This is a must read for practical theologians everywhere... there is an engaging, even unique, freshness in the manner in which the [authors] choose their topics and develop their insights”. Rev. Dr. Gerald A. Arbuckle, S.M., Consultant Anthropologist and Co-director, Refounding and Pastoral Development Unit, Sydney, Australia.

“This volume breaks new ground in providing a deeply contextual work of practical theology from Oceania... The volume presents a dialogical practical theology that is open to wisdom from all sources and seeks mystical-political transformation... a much-needed contribution to the international conversation in practical theology and to the global church”.
Associate Professor Claire Wolfteich, Co-Director, Center for Practical Theology, Boston University, U.S.A; President of the International Academy of Practical Theology.