2020 Conference - Melbourne, Australia

The APTO Conference for 2020 is to be an Online event with the possibility of some people being able to meet face to face.

The dates for the Conference remain from 3rd to 5th December 2020.

The face to face component will still happen in Melbourne - Pandemic permitting.

In moving to a mixed mode conference the APTO executive wanted to ensure that the 2020 Conference did take place and that as many people as possible from across Oceania would be able to participate.

The Conference organizing committee is currently investigating a range of online platforms to facilitate an innovative and exciting conference experience. One of the advantages of an online conference is that the cost of joining the conference can be kept to a minimum and delegates from across the whole of Oceania (and beyond) can participate in the event.

Members and all those who have submitted abstracts to present at the conference are to be contacted soon to check that they are still interested in presenting in the new format. There is also to be a fresh call for Papers to allow those who thought they could not physically get to Melbourne in December to consider presenting a paper in the online format. Those who have already submitted an abstract will not need to submit another one and unless the organizing committee hears otherwise it is presumed that you still wish to present a paper.

Being an online event the structure of the conference is going to be different to a face to face event but the new communications technology has opened new possibilities with regard to conducting an international conference.

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