Active status is normally maintained through regular attendance at APTO conferences and by payment of membership fees. Due regard will be given to the reality of the geographical distances and financial disparities within the Oceania region.

Membership of the Association of Practical Theology in Oceania (APTO) is open to any persons who meet the criteria set out in its Constitution, particularly Item III.

Those eligible for APTO membership should be:
A. Persons who subscribe to the purposes of APTO as stated in its Constitution and meet one, or more of the following criteria;
B. Persons who are researchers, scholars and/or practitioners in the field of practical theology and its related disciplines.
C. Persons with scholarly interest in practical theology and its related disciplines demonstrated by publications and/or other scholarly accomplishments.
D. Persons with a research degree in practical theology or its related disciplines.

To apply for membership with APTO, complete the enclosed APTO Membership Application Form and return it to the APTO secretary via email: Your Membership Application Form also needs to be accompanied by supporting documentation, including a letter of nomination, supported and signed by two current APTO members. Applications for membership will then be put to the next Annual General Meeting for review and approval. After applications for membership are accepted, membership fees will then be payable and you will be considered a full member of APTO.

The current membership fee is AU$50.00 for waged persons and AU$25.00 for unwaged/research students (contact the Treasurer regarding comparable rates within the Oceanic region).

APTO Membership Application Form (PDF) or APTO Membership Application Form (WORD)

Please return your completed Membership Application Form to the APTO secretary via email: