APTO 2018 Conference in Suva Fiji

Weaving Theology in Oceania: Culture, Context and Practice

Evening Sat17th November to Afternoon  Wed 21st November 2018

Paper proposals deadline extended to June 15

APTO 2018 Call for Papers (extended deadline 15 June).pdf

APTO 2018 Conference - Suva - About the Conference.pdf

APTO 2018 Paper Proposal Form (extended deadline 15 June).docx

Conference to be held at: Accommodation and some events at:
Pacific Regional Seminary (PRS) 
461 Queen Elizabeth Drive  Nasese, Suva, Fiji
 Pacific Theological College (PTC) 
78 Vuya Road Veiuto Suva, Fiji

The 2018 APTO Conference is a combination of APTO only events and events in which we partner with the Episcopal Conference of the Pacific (CEPAC) that is conducting a formation event for 80 Catholic clergy from Tonga, Samoa, Fiji Islands, Kiribati, Cook Islands.

The 2018 conference retains APTO’s ecumenical character. A special focus of the Conference is APTO members teaching and learning with academics, researchers and pastoral practitioners from a variety of Christian denominations who are engaged in a wide range of academic endeavours and pastoral ministries from a broad cross-section of the peoples of Oceania: Australia: New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji Islands,
Kiribati, Cook Islands. In deciding to partner with CEPAC the APTO executive sought the advice from a number of APTO members and the majority of those consulted affirmed the idea. 


Keynote Speakers:

  • Rev Dr Upolu Luma Vaai -  Associate Professor and Head of Theology & Ethics at PTC
  • Rev Dr Seferosa Carroll - Uniting Church Minister and Theologian, originally from Fiji
  • Sr (Dr) Malia Keiti Ann Kanongata'a, (Tonga)
  • Dr Debra Snoddy - Scripture Scholar, Catholic Institute of Sydney, originally from Ireland
  • Dr. Claire Wolfteich - Professor, Boston University School of Theology Co-Director, Center for Practical Theology via  Video and Audio Link

The 2018 APTO conference is for practical-pastoral theologians, reflective pastoral practitioners, teachers, researchers and policy makers and research students from all Christian denominations across the whole of Oceania in range of fields listed below and beyond:
Mission ● Welfare ● Health Care ● Theological education ● Formation for Ministry ● Environment ● Social Justice ● Politics ● Housing ● Employment ● Story -Preaching ● Adult Faith Education ● Pastoral Care ● Clinical Pastoral Education ● Social Media ● Economic policy ● Neo-Colonialism ● Marriage and Family ● Disability ● Social Research ● Church Life Research ● Domestic Violence ●  Women in the Church ● Migration &Refugee policy ● Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education ● Religious Education - Catechetical Instruction.
Approx Cost: Conference only, $350 (Australian)